LaLiga commemorate Africa Day with seven bright, colourful events across Africa


LaLiga will join in the colour, culture and celebration of Africa Day by hosting seven events across the African continent to mark Africa’s growth, success and progress and the league’s rapid expansion on the continent.
In a joyous week-long festival of lifestyle, culture, music, dance and food LaLiga will show that the heartbeat of Africa pounds stronger than ever by celebrating the league’s phenomenal growth on the African continent with events in South Africa, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Angola, Kenya and Tanzania.
Africa Day is celebrated worldwide on May 25, marking the day the Organisation of African Unity was founded in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia in 1963 to fight colonialism, racism and apartheid and to reflect on the progress the African continent has made and the challenges it continues to face.
LaLiga continues to vehemently support the fight against racism in football and the dignity of players from all walks of life, while celebrating the tremendous strides African players have made in adding huge value and quality to LaLiga.
After opening up its first office on the African continent in South Africa in 2015, LaLiga now has an active, growing presence with representation in seven African countries.
The league prides itself in immersing LaLiga in local communities and football culture and with content geared for the region, such as its popular LaLiga African MVP Award for the top-performing African players in the league and with its LaLiga Loca show focusing on the African stars past and present who have lit up LaLiga.
“LaLiga is proud of the tremendous growth the league has seen over the years on the African continent and appreciative of the massive contribution African players have made in enhancing and strengthening LaLiga. As LaLiga’s presence on the continent rapidly expands, we are looking forward to a week-long celebration of Africa Day festivities to celebrate the continent’s strong bond with LaLiga and to bring the league even closer to its vibrant, fantastic African football fans,” said LaLiga Southern African Managing Director, Marcos Pelegrin.
To mark the Africa Day festivities LaLiga’s South Africa office will host an event at the FIVES Futbol pitch in the trendy Maboneng precinct in downtown Johannesburg on Saturday 27 May, celebrating Africa’s legacy in the league with entertainment from local DJ’s, a gallery of images of famous African LaLiga players over the years, an exhibition of LaLiga jerseys and delicious local food courtesy of partner Hollywoodbets. The event kicks off at 14h00 and runs until 22h00.
Local food, culture and music will also form a big part of the Africa Day celebrations in Tanzania, which will see performances from local dancers, including typical Masai dance, acrobatic shows and a barbecue with popular local delicacies such as goat meat.


In the capital of Dar es Salaam there will also be a LaLiga-themed graffiti mural unveiled as part of the celebrations.
In Nigeria, LaLiga’s Africa Day celebrations will coincide with Nigeria’s Children’s Day and celebrate the country’s different diverse cultures.

Various local schools will participate in the activities, which will include cultural drama, cultural fashion show and dance which will promote diversity, inclusion and equality and show that LaLiga is about far more than just football.

In Kenya, look out in Nairobi for a van branded with LaLiga-themed African infographics. LaLiga’s Kenya office will also have a freestyler, music team and African merchandise on hand to mark the celebrations and conduct interviews with locals on the perception of LaLiga and African players.
In Angola and Mozambique, LaLiga sponsors PUMA will be the main partners of a FUTLIGA tournament with 60 companies and LaLiga activations during the tournament.
Ivory Coast will also mark Africa Day celebrations with football, with 10 teams participating in the activities and local Maracana bloggers covering the colourful event live.
In LaLiga the heartbeat of Africa pounds stronger than ever and the league looks forward to celebrating Africa Day festivities across the continent and encourages fans to join the party in their local regions.


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