#Stayhome&StaySafe – Cold Stone & Pinkberry treats delivered with Essentials items!


You know that ‘yes’ feeling that comes with achieving two things at the same time right? Well life is easier when we maxmise opportunities around us and in this case, having some essential items delivered to you alongside an order of your favorite Cold Stone or Pinkberry treat! 


With Covid-19 still very much in the air, the guys from Cold Stone Creamery and Pinkberry Gourmet Frozen Yoghurt have just launched a unique service offering called ‘Special Care Packs’ – not only will you save unnecessary trips to the supermarket with this offering, you get to stay safe at home and also enjoy your favorite treats all at discounted rates – We truly love to see this!

The Special care packs helps you satisfy your craving, while also giving you access to essential items such as hand sanitizers, cooking oil, noodles, vitamin C, rice – the list is long.  For N1400, you can enjoy a cup of creamy ice cream, alongside some of these essential items and all you have to do is choose the combo that works for you. N2000, will get you up to 3 mi-di to-go cups of your favorite yoghurt flavor and the essential item you so much require. All of this you can do from the safety of your homes.

More Interesting about this new deal is that Cold Stone and Pinkberry yogurt have made the care packages available for delivery. With just a few clicks on Jumia food, you will get your favorite ice cream, yogurt, and essential items delivered at your doorstep. We know your satisfaction and safety is priority, so relax and enjoy the offerings. If you are like us, log on to Jumia food already to select your preferred combo deal.  

It is a win-win situation with the special care packs. Whether you are in the mood for a frozen yogurt delight or cup a creamy ice cream there is a combo deal, with an essential item waiting for you while we pull through these difficult times with a global pandemic.


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